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Maxon One: A Creative Powerhouse with New Features and Performance Upgrades

Maxon, the developer of professional software solutions for editors, filmmakers, motion designers, visual effects artists, and creators, is back. This release of Maxon One promises significant updates across its suite of products, bringing immense value and enhanced creative potential to its users.

Cinema 4D 2024: Speed, Precision, and Unmatched Creativity

Performance Revolution: Cinema 4D 2024 redefines speed and performance, thanks to a cutting-edge core optimisation. It’s now more than twice as fast as its predecessors, making complex creative scenes a breeze.

Unified Simulation System: With the addition of Rigid Body Simulations to the Unified Simulation System, solid objects can now interact seamlessly with soft bodies, cloth, ropes, and Pyro simulations.

Art-Direction of Pyro: Pyro simulations get an artistic boost with new controls, allowing you to art-direct fire, smoke trails, and explosions with precision. UpRes enables you to switch between high and low-resolution simulations for faster turnarounds.

Vertex Normal Controls: The introduction of vertex normal controls ensures that artists have full control over surface perfection by adjusting vertex and polygon normals.

Modelling Tools: Handling complex tasks becomes effortless with features like Select Pattern and Projection Deformer. These tools streamline the modelling process, making it more intuitive and efficient.

Node UI: The revamped Node UI, featuring the new Notes feature, simplifies the management of nodal networks.

Red Giant 2024: Enhancing Creative Freedom

Trapcode 2024: The introduction of Combustion and Stroke from Parent expands creative possibilities, enabling realistic thermal dynamics and seamless particle trace behind parent particles.

VFX 2024: 2D+Distance and Light Control features add dimension and precision to lighting control. The Ring Projection feature brings back iconic flare styles from the ’70s and ’80s.

Magic Bullet 2024: With over 30 new presets, Magic Bullet 2024 simplifies colour correction and offers a plethora of creative options. Synchronised OCIO color management streamlines the workflow.

Universe 2024: With over 50 new presets, Universe 2024 provides video editors and compositors with a smoother workflow and ample creative inspiration.

Redshift: Enhanced Performance and Creative Tools

Redshift 3.5.18: This update brings several input image adjustment features to the MatCap shader, improved Distorter shader capabilities, and enhanced CPU performance on multi-core systems.

MatCap Shader: Additional adjustment parameters empower users to create illustrative renders from their digital sketches.

Distorter Node: 3D distortion capabilities using Maxon Noise open up new creative avenues for surface effects.

Performance Boost: Automatic concurrent rendering on systems with 12 CPU threads or more enhances performance, making rendering faster and more efficient.

Jitter Node Support: Redshift in Blender now supports the Jitter Node for varying shader attributes across multiple assets.

Capsules: A Treasure Trove for Creatives

Catenary Spline Modifier: Create hanging wires, ropes, and cables with ease, and bundle them together with the Break Spline Modifier for captivating effects.

Redshift Materials: A comprehensive collection of Redshift Metal and Car Paint materials offers a wide range of creative possibilities.

Plants and Home Decor: The Capsules library now includes additional plant models and home decor assets, perfect for interior and exterior visualisations.

Maxon One subscribers are in for a treat with these exciting additions, offering even more creative freedom and convenience.

Compositing 3D into Videos and Stills

Monday, May 15th

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This Week: 2.5D Projection of Photo on 3D Object
One of the interpretations of “2.5D” is the process of projecting flat images on 3D objects in order to get something that looks exactly like the Photo while also allowing for some 3D manipulation, be that rotation or movement. 2.5D projections are a very fast and efficient way of enhancing your footage without re-creating everything in 3 Dimensions.

Join Master Trainers Lionel Vicidomini and Thanassis “Noseman” Pozantzis in this Extraordinary Episode of Demystifying Post Production to learn how to reproject car photos on 3D models, generate reflection planes, and everything in-between.

Spring 2023 Maxon One Release Adds Extraordinary Value

Enhancements across the entire product line including Cinema 4D, Redshift, Red Giant, ZBrush, Forger and more highlight this massive update. Maxon’s Spring 2023 release offers exciting new features and workflow enhancements across the entire product line that empower designers and artists to turn their creative ideas into reality with stunning results.

Cinema 4D 2023.2 offers an improved Commander, enhancements to its Nodes system,
simulation improvements and a new Thicken generator for modeling.

Red Giant features new tools and augmentations; most notably the introduction of Symbol Mapper
for Universe 2023.1, anamorphic lens support for Real Lens Flares for VFX 2023.3, and
Trapcode 2023.3 includes performance optimisations for Particular and a new collection of
Atomic Age sprites.

Redshift 3.5.14 brings a fantastic new Sky and Sun Model, a new Flakes Shader and new Camera Backplates.

ZBrush is highlighted by two new revolutionary workflow tools: Proxy Pose and Drop 3D.

Forger updates include new features for lighting and previews, and the integration of ZBrush’s powerful ZRemesher. The latest additions to Capsules include new material collections, a new dynamic Swirl Modifier and a new Redshift Shaderball. Rounding out this exciting release is an update to Cineware, focused on Unreal 5.0
and 5.1 integration.

For the full release notes, click here.

Maxon One contains the latest versions of all of the software above in one convenient subscription, and is available now at VFX Software Direct .com

Redshift Workflows in Maya

5pm – 6pm GMT
Monday, 30th January

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The conclusion draws near for the January Demystifying Post Production series for Redshift workflows.

Industry experts and trainers have showcased key techniques to connect Redshift with Houdini, Blender, ZBrush and now, Maya.

This Week: Redshift & Maya

Adrian Cruceru will showcase essential techniques and workflows for using Redshift in Maya. Let Adrian guide you through key project and render settings, helping you leverage the speed and power of Redshift right from within Maya.

Missed a session? Watch past recordings here.

Up Next: Max On Color | Colorista Crash Course on February 2nd.

Demystifying Post-Production: Digital Cinematography

5pm BST
Monday September 5th
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Join the Maxon training team every Monday in September for four essential webinars, exploring multiple aspects of cinematography, showing you how to apply real world techniques to Cinema 4D, Redshift, After Effects and Trapcode.

Learn how to transfer skills and techniques regarding lenses, depth of field, aperture, shutter speed, bokeh and lens flares to enhance your projects and productions and create beautiful eye-catching imagery. 

This Week: Digital Cinematography Basics
In this introductory week, Maxon trainers Chad Perkins and Elly Wade will explain the basics of cinematography, using both real-world and software camera setups, and show how essential filmmaking techniques translate into the digital space, using Cinema 4D and Redshift. They will explore the exposure triangle (aperture, shutter speed, and ISO), light quality, and the differences between lighting in real life and lighting digitally. 

Watch all the Maxon training recordings here.

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Maxon One Gets Surprise Update

Just after the major April release, comes a surprise update with enhancements and optimised workflows for Maxon One. Maxon One artists can put these great new features detailed below to work immediately!

Cinema 4D 26.1

  • Volume Builder now has improved performance thanks to OpenVDB 9, and Booleans can be smoothed based on radius.
  • Explore and edit existing Capsules directly from the Object Manager with the new “Edit Asset as Group” command.
  • Advanced MoGraph artists can now use any object’s Curvature in Fields, to define the strength of falloffs, colours of clones, or alignment of field forces.
  • Cloth and Rope Simulations can now be influenced by Cinema 4D’s powerful Fields and Field Forces, plus improved performance and collision options.
  • New Capsules including Surface Imperfections, HDRIs and Redshift Materials.
  • The Node UI includes a big upgrade in appearance and interaction, making it easier than ever to create and explore Redshift materials and Node Capsules.
    • Graphs can be organised with dots for better readability.
    • Nodes can be added to an existing network by simply dropping them onto a wire.
    • Many visual upgrades to maximise the node editing workflow.
    • Numerous stability improvements and bug fixes.


  • Bokeh’ depth-of-field in Redshift RT.
  • Blackbody Temperature Controls for volume shading.
  • Improved CPU performance.
  • Round Corners included with CPU.

Red Giant

  • Trapcode Suite 18.1 introduces time-based mapping to complete the Layer Maps feature-set in Particular. Grow Bounds utility now runs natively on M1 machines, and this service pack includes several bug fixes for Particular, Form and 3D Stroke.
  • Magic Bullet 16.1 brings Halation and Diffusion to Cinema 4D – letting artists add film-like bloom and aberration to their renders in Cinema 4D.
  • PluralEyes 4.1.12 adds Vegas Pro 18 and 19 as well as RED Komodo compatibility and restores full compatibility with FCPX.
  • Universe 6.1 provides improved support for AMD graphics cards and a number of bug fixes across various Universe tools.
  • VFX Suite 3.1 improves the performance of Real Lens Flares and includes several bug fixes.

All of these updates are immediately available to subscribers!

Demystify Post-Production with the Redshift Challenge

Monday 9th May 2022
5pm BST / 12pm EDT / 9am PDT (1 hour)

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Every Monday throughout May, the Maxon Training Team are on hand to expand your Redshift knowledge by introducing you to features and workflows that are there to help you create amazing imagery and render them faster.

This is a fun and interactive series, so there’s a twist.

Each week, the trainer is going to be sabotaged by the community! You have the power to really test the instructor by taking away a common tool in a normal workflow, forcing them to find creative workarounds to achieve the goals of their project.

The idea behind this is to see how different artists work under pressure, as well as help you find the tools and their many different uses in Redshift.

Join the poll at the start of each week, and watch Redshift experts Elly Wade, Dustin Valkema and Lionel Vicidomini share their creative process in real time.

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Bring Characters to Life, and Discover Flocking Behaviour with Maxon

Fun and easy character animation techniques can help inject life into inanimate objects. With Cinema 4D, there’s no need for complex rigging techniques to animate objects or characters.

Learn how to inject energy and character into objects using Deformers in Cinema 4D with this project based series. This video will show you how to easily animate a mushroom character and apply the animation principle of Squash & Stretch to give the animation more interest and whimsy.

Check out the full video here >

Get familiar with Trapcode Particular with this tutorial. Join Harry Frank as he walks you through one of its latest features: evading particles in the Flocking Particle simulation.

New Release: Maxon Cinema 4D R25

The latest release of Cinema 4D , R25, is here. With it comes a new modern skin, user interface enhancements and an expansive preset system for optimising your workflow.

Cinema 4D ‘R’ and ‘S’ releases. What’s the Difference?

Cinema 4D R25

User Interface Enhancements

Dynamic palettes power new layouts that make great use of space and ensure the tools you need are always close at hand. Tabbed documents and layouts make it easy to flow between multiple projects and workflows.

An updated scheme and icon set offer a fresh, modern spin on Cinema 4D’s classic look that communicates what’s important and puts more focus on your artwork.

Spline Import

Import vector artwork from Adobe Illustrator, PDF and SVG files to use in your 3D scenes. Using Adobe’s PDF format, splines are imported from Adobe Illustrator files saved with PDF compatibility. Advanced features like symbols and gradient-filled shapes are supported. Vector art stored in the SVG format can also be imported.


Capsule Assets constructed in Cinema 4D’s Scene Nodes core offer procedural plugin-like power. Now these Capsules can be used directly in Cinema 4D’s Classic Object Manager as primitives, generators or geometry modifiers. Or use a capsule constructor and augment your Classic C4D scene with your own node-based creation.

Presets System

The Asset Browser provides a vast collection of 3D objects, materials and node capsules.

The library can be browsed or searched, and each asset includes rich metadata and keywords. Assets are downloaded on-demand, and they’re also cached on your computer, so your favourite assets are immediately available for re-use.

Scene Nodes System

Cinema 4D’s Scene Manager uses powerful, node-based assets to construct procedural geometry or entire scenes in a hierarchy-based view.

Everything you do within the Scene Manager creates a corresponding node graph within Scene Nodes, so you can choose whichever workflow you prefer or the job demands.

Track Modifier Tag

This feature allows you to modify animation tracks on objects or tags quickly. Spring Mode is a convenient way to add springy secondary animations to tracks, while Posterization Mode allows you to transform fluid animation into stop-motion-style movements.

Easily add randomness to animations using Noise Mode, and multiple parameters allow you to define the strength of the effect. Smooth Mode, on the other hand, allows you to remove jiggles and rotation from your animation – a perfect way to clean up mocap data.

For a full list of the latest features, click here.

Cinema 4D R25, as well as the entire Maxon range including Redshift and Red Giant plugins, is available now at VFX Software Direct .com