Maxon One: A Creative Powerhouse with New Features and Performance Upgrades

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Maxon, the developer of professional software solutions for editors, filmmakers, motion designers, visual effects artists, and creators, is back. This release of Maxon One promises significant updates across its suite of products, bringing immense value and enhanced creative potential to its users.

Cinema 4D 2024: Speed, Precision, and Unmatched Creativity

Performance Revolution: Cinema 4D 2024 redefines speed and performance, thanks to a cutting-edge core optimisation. It’s now more than twice as fast as its predecessors, making complex creative scenes a breeze.

Unified Simulation System: With the addition of Rigid Body Simulations to the Unified Simulation System, solid objects can now interact seamlessly with soft bodies, cloth, ropes, and Pyro simulations.

Art-Direction of Pyro: Pyro simulations get an artistic boost with new controls, allowing you to art-direct fire, smoke trails, and explosions with precision. UpRes enables you to switch between high and low-resolution simulations for faster turnarounds.

Vertex Normal Controls: The introduction of vertex normal controls ensures that artists have full control over surface perfection by adjusting vertex and polygon normals.

Modelling Tools: Handling complex tasks becomes effortless with features like Select Pattern and Projection Deformer. These tools streamline the modelling process, making it more intuitive and efficient.

Node UI: The revamped Node UI, featuring the new Notes feature, simplifies the management of nodal networks.

Red Giant 2024: Enhancing Creative Freedom

Trapcode 2024: The introduction of Combustion and Stroke from Parent expands creative possibilities, enabling realistic thermal dynamics and seamless particle trace behind parent particles.

VFX 2024: 2D+Distance and Light Control features add dimension and precision to lighting control. The Ring Projection feature brings back iconic flare styles from the ’70s and ’80s.

Magic Bullet 2024: With over 30 new presets, Magic Bullet 2024 simplifies colour correction and offers a plethora of creative options. Synchronised OCIO color management streamlines the workflow.

Universe 2024: With over 50 new presets, Universe 2024 provides video editors and compositors with a smoother workflow and ample creative inspiration.

Redshift: Enhanced Performance and Creative Tools

Redshift 3.5.18: This update brings several input image adjustment features to the MatCap shader, improved Distorter shader capabilities, and enhanced CPU performance on multi-core systems.

MatCap Shader: Additional adjustment parameters empower users to create illustrative renders from their digital sketches.

Distorter Node: 3D distortion capabilities using Maxon Noise open up new creative avenues for surface effects.

Performance Boost: Automatic concurrent rendering on systems with 12 CPU threads or more enhances performance, making rendering faster and more efficient.

Jitter Node Support: Redshift in Blender now supports the Jitter Node for varying shader attributes across multiple assets.

Capsules: A Treasure Trove for Creatives

Catenary Spline Modifier: Create hanging wires, ropes, and cables with ease, and bundle them together with the Break Spline Modifier for captivating effects.

Redshift Materials: A comprehensive collection of Redshift Metal and Car Paint materials offers a wide range of creative possibilities.

Plants and Home Decor: The Capsules library now includes additional plant models and home decor assets, perfect for interior and exterior visualisations.

Maxon One subscribers are in for a treat with these exciting additions, offering even more creative freedom and convenience.